Pascoe RIBs

Pascoe Rigid Inflatable Boats - New and second hand Pascoe RIBs

Ribtec Grand Tourer 920 Cabin RIB

Pascoe RIBs - High performance Rigid Inflatable Boats & cabin RIBs

Pascoe is well and truly at the high end of the rigid inflatable boat market, manufacturing fast, stunning looking superyacht tenders, dive tenders, stportsboats, and high performance racing RIBs. They are also one of several cabin RIB manufacturers challenging conventional sports cruisers.

Ribtec RIB range:

Superyacht range - SY9, SY10, SY45

SportRib - Mediterranean SR7 & SR9

SportRib - European SR7 & SR9

Ribtec by Pascoe - SR6 &SR7

Alternatives RIBs

Hunton Powerboats, Scorpion Ribs

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